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Since before 2015 people have been buying wearable technology.

The fad began with activity trackers, then proliferated to watches and cameras.

Now every American home has at least 3 Fitbits stuffed away in a drawer.

And yet, another Christmas will soon be upon us, and on Black Friday we’ll buy more Fitbits, Jawbones, and other fitness trackers.

Maybe this year you’ll get a wearable waste belt or stress tracker that you wear on your belt…

We love our gadgets, which is why Good Wearables exist to help you choose the best wearable gift. You see, we track the trends, so you don’t have to guess what’s HOT!

Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker for iOS and AndroidNew Wearable Trends

Combine wearables with VR headsets and artificial intelligence, and I expect Christmas is going to be wild this year.

I can already imagine our kids  (and some grownups) hooked up to gaming systems, strapped from head to feet, with wireless wearables that communicate with their avatar and other characters in a virtual world as they interact with AI and robots.

XBox, Playstation Sony, Apple, Google, and Facebook are all working on their versions of VR and by Christmas time will invade our homes and lives. And let’s not forget our cell phones, because they’re already equipped with sensors and software more advanced than the Lunar Lander.

Behavior Trackers

Wearable technology will soon be able to assist with predicting our daily activities with recommendations on what we should eat and drink based on data collected via a wristband our sensors worn in our shoes.

Are you sure you want a double cheeseburger,  sir? Your heart rate has been elevated since breakfast!

Yes, Alexa, I want another double cheeseburger, can you please have Uber deliver it, ASAP.

All joking aside, we’re only at the beginning of this tech trend, and it will be interesting how all the gadgets that are on the horizon will improve our lives. Let’s keep our eyes on the wearable news and find out if this trend keeps going…

Good Wearables will be there to keep you informed!

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