3 Awesome Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is February 14th so you better get on the ball now and get your gift soon!

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Maybe procrastination got you in trouble last year but this year is different because wearable technology now offers something new you may not have considered before for him or her.

Let’s get to straight to our Valentine’s Day ideas.

1. If your loved one is like so many other people who are juicing then a great idea for a gift is an activity tracker that will monitor steps, heart rate, and other important vitals that are important for fitness.

Trackers go great with juicing!

41Y5t6wCTpLSome of the more popular tracker brands for fitness wearables are Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit but there are many others to choose from.

Activity trackers make great Valentine’s gifts  for him or her.

2. The next gift idea is for the extremely active person. And with social such a big part of our lives more and more people are posting pictures and videos of their extreme adventures on FaceBook and YouTube.

Imagine a picture like this on your FaceBook page!

wearable tech

Now your Valentine can share in the fun with a rugged wearable camera from GoPro or Gear Pro. Maybe you’ve seen one of the extreme videos of someone kayaking in the rapids. All it takes is the right equipment.

3. The third item on the gift list is really cool, especially if he or she loves gadgets.

Smart Watch technology has really come a long way in the last couple of years and now there are watches that link up to iPhone, Android, and Microsoft cell phones.

Get compliments for wearing a unique watch!

Valentine's Day Gift idea

Maybe it’s time to get rid of that old Timex and replace it with a Garmin Fenix, Samsung SmartWatch, or a SNEER iWatch?

These are only a few of the many good wearable gift ideas you can choose from.

 Don’t Procrastinate Any Longer!

There you have them.

Three unique ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts.

But don’t procrastinate order now!

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